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"Scott Watkins is a polished player in his prime." - Folio Weekly


Looking forward to my fourth annual visit to China in May, 2014!

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NEW RECORDING RELEASE - February 23, 2014

My new recording, American Piano Sonatas, is due for release in September. Three important works are included in this new disc, and each is a world premiere recording ... well, sort of. Howard Hanson's Piano Sonata, Op. 11, was thought to exist only as an incomplete manuscript. This work was completed and beautifully recorded by pianist Thomas Labe working directly with the composer's manuscript. But in 2005, The Eastman School of Music acquired a completed version of the work which was subsequently published by Carl Fischer in 2011. It is THIS version of Hanson's beautiful Piano Sonata which is featured in my upcoming recording. Another important work on this disc is William Schirmer's Piano Sonata No. 17, composed in 1974. Bill Schirmer is my colleague at Jacksonville University and his music has always fascinated me. This Sonata is long over-due for a recorded performance. Finally, the big, virtuosic, dramatic Piano Sonata of Carlisle Floyd closes the recorded program. Composed in 1956 and given it's world premiere performance by Rudolf Firkusny at Carnegie Hall in 1957, this work really deserves a lot more attention. It was recorded in 2004 by pianist Danielle Revenaugh in an unusual VIDEO presentation featuring Maestro Floyd giving Revenaugh a lesson on the work, followed by a complete performance. This recording is notable for Floyd's personal contribution in letting the viewer know the work's intricacies and secrets. My new recording will be the first on audio CD of Floyd's Piano Sonata.

Look for details about a public release soon! If you'd like to be included on a mailing list for release events and other details, please send an e-mail to this address:

American Music Symposium and New Music Festival at Jacksonville University, March 2014 - February 23, 2014

Exciting News! We are hosting a first-ever American Music Symposium and New Music Festival at Jacksonville University March 2 - 10, 2014. Concerts, lectures, demonstrations, presentations of all kinds. Full details to be released soon, but concert music will include works by Howard Hanson, Samuel Barber, Carlisle Floyd, Donald McCullough, Thomas Harrison, Tony Steve, many others.

Check Calendar Dates for more details.

Farewell to my friend, Marilyn Meier - July 7, 2012

With a heavy heart I join the world to say good-bye to Marilyn Meier, an extraordinary human being and pianist of stunning ability. Marilyn died June 22. She battled a rare form of liver cancer for a year. Her last words, according to her father, Hermann, were to him: "don't forget the children's piano lessons."

I met Marilyn in Cincinnati while we were in Bela Siki's class at the College-Conservatory of Music. There she "wowed" all of us with her fearlessness, her friendliness, and her wonderful sense of humor. Also, she scared the hell out of us with her blazing, effortless octaves!

Marilyn was tireless in her native Australia bringing arts and music to place where it hadn't been - inspiring all who met her - enriching lives and touching hearts.

I join all of her friends and family members to mourn her passing. Yet, in the shadow of sorrow, we find joy in all that she accomplished in her tragically short life.

Marilyn Meier-Kapavale (1964-2012)
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